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4 in 1 Lens Set

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Introducing the Kitvision 4 in 1 Lens Set for Smartphones

Raise your photography game with this set of lenses that allow you to take spectacular photographs directly from your smartphone. Use the interchangeable lenses to achieve a variety of photographic styles, all supplied in a handy travel case for protection and easy transportation.

Macro Lens

Achieve extreme close-up photos of your subject, revealing detail too small for the human eye.

Fisheye Lens

Create artistic shots with this ultra wide-angle 180 degree lens that produces a classic barrel distortion effect.

Wide-angle Lens

This lens doubles the field of view of your device's camera up to 120 degrees making it ideal for group or landscape photos.

Polarising Lens

This lens controls unwanted reflections on glossy surfaces and enhances the colour levels in your shot.

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