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2 in 1 Lens Set

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Introducing the Kitvision 2 in 1 Lens Set for Smartphones

Raise your photography game with this set of lenses that allow you to take spectacular photographs directly from your smartphone. Use the interchangeable lenses to achieve a variety of photographic styles, all supplied in a handy travel case for protection and easy transportation.

Macro Lens

Achieve extreme close-up photos of your subject, revealing detail too small for the human eye.

Fisheye Lens

Create artistic shots with this ultra wide-angle 180 degree lens that produces a classic barrel distortion effect.

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  • Device’s camera must be positioned less than 2cm away from edge of device.
  • Apple iPhone range, Samsung Galaxy smartphones etc.


  • Fish eye lens: all-glass 180o aspheric lens, f/1.4, 1.66 mm
  • Macro Lens: 5x zoom (up to 30x with smartphone digital zoom)


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