Flexible Tripod

Small Foam Flexible Tripod With Phone Holder

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Introducing the Kitvision Small Flexible Foam Tripod With Phone Holder

Nature doesn’t do straight lines. So when you’re out and about taking photos, a standard tripod isn’t always the right solution.

The Kitvision Small Flexible Foam Tripod With Phone Holder is the perfect solution.

Plus it’s small and portable, meaning it will always be handy when you need it most.


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Portable and Easy to Use

The flexible tripod is lightweight and compact, with the flexible legs folding away for easy storage. Handy to keep in your camera bag or even your back pocket. You never know when you’ll need this hand little tripod, but when you do it’ll be close at hand. It’s also really simple to use. With the removable, universal phone holder, attaching you smartphone is simple and done in a matter of seconds. Unscrew the phone holder and you have a standard tripod thread suitable for small compact cameras. The lockable ball-and-socket joint enables you to find the perfect angle and then screws tightly into position

Whether you’re taking a shot of you and your friends whilst camping or lining up the next landscape whilst walking, you’ll be happy you have this handy little tripod close at hand.

Bendy and Flexible

The tripod is a flexible and bends to any position allowing you to wrap it around all sorts of objects enabling you to take that perfect shot. It will secure safely around a tree branch, garden gate, lampost or chair back. The rigid foam legs provide extra grip and also protect the object you’re wrapping it around. With three legs you know you’ll get a secure purchase and the lockable ball-and-socket joint gives you 360 degree manoeuvrability. Rubber feet give you a firm purchase when you are placing on an uneven surface like a rock or brick wall.


  • Phone holder: for Smartphones with up to 70mm width
  • Max Weight: 275 g
  • Size: 210 x 50 x 42 mm
  • Tripod Weight: 56 g


  • Removable, universal phone holder (up to 70mm width)
  • Tripod screw thread for small compact cameras
  • Small, lightweight and folds up for easy storage
  • Flexible legs wrap around virtually any objects providing stability when taking pictures
  • Lockable ball-and-socket joint gives quick 360 degree adjustability
  • Rigid foam legs provide extra grip and protect attached objects