Knuckles – Camera Grip

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Introducing the Kitvision Knuckles Grip

Action cameras can be small, fiddly things, hard to keep hold of when you are enjoying extreme sports. What you need is an action camera accessory that enables you to grasp hold of your action camera with ease so you can relax and enjoy the action: something like the Kitvision Knuckles grip.

Ergonomically designed to fit snugly onto your fingers, the Kitvision Knuckles will ensure that your action camera will not be going anywhere, also allowing you to hold your action camera with an open grip, making it easier to film activities that require an open hand such as swimming or scuba diving. The Kitvision Knuckles are perfect for those who do not want their lifestyle to limit their ability to capture memories.

Compatible with Kitvision action cameras and many other well-known brands.

Dimensions: H 125 x W60 x D30 (mm)
Weight: 60 g

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