Our 5 Top Ways to use an Action Camera

If you have an action camera and you feel you’re not quite using it to its full potential, it’s time to do something about it. We believe it’s important for everyone to get out and find their adventure, whatever that means to you, so we’ve thought of 5 ways to use your action camera that you may not have thought of:

1. Record the lessons

No matter who is doing the learning, it’s always fun to look back and see how far you’ve come. So whether the little one is learning to ride a bike or you’re attempting to catch a wave, it’s time to create a story that you’ll love to relive.

2. Give it to the kids!

Give the kids the camera and see what they shoot, pop it onto their bicycles on a day out, record their party, give them the head mount at the wedding reception or birthday celebration, ask them to interview the family about their day at Christmas. Truly capture a child’s perspective, their wonderful imagination, and help them to discover their creativity and confidence.

3. Get a pet’s perspective

Yes, it’s time for the pets to grab a selfie. The Kitvision dog harness allows you to attach your action camera and get a pet’s perspective on life. Go where no human has gone before; into the hedgerow, behind the shed, and jumping into those waves.

4. Time lapse

Have you ever captured a time lapse film? See life as you’ve never seen it, leave it high or low, for sunset or sunrise, and create unique footage of life, nature, or your favourite views as they change and develop—you could be the next David Attenborough!

5. First family holiday

Get creative with your family movies and actually use the accessories to capture more; mount the camera to the car and capture the whole journey, fix it to a bench and film your family picnic and playtime in the park, or use the selfie stick to capture your first family ski run.  Now you can take your action camera further than ever before.

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