SIN’s Snow Season Action Camera Tips

The blog Snow Industry News recently posted their top tips for getting the most out of your action camera this snow season, featuring Kitvision products.

Mixing up the angles and heights of the shots are a great way to create a video that gives a multi-dimensional effect, and keeps the viewer interested – and we suggest these accessories for action cameras that are designed perfectly for this! Don’t forget to get some scenery and ski lift selfies to break up the action and keep a good flow for the final edit!

Products Featured:

1. White Knuckles!

The Knuckles Grip (RRP:14.99) – Action cameras can be small, fiddly things, hard to keep hold of when you are enjoying extreme sports. This action camera accessory enables you to grasp hold of your action camera with ease so you can relax and enjoy the action.

2. Evolve

The Evolve Extension Pole (RRP £44.99) – Tired of not being able to achieve the right shooting angle with a normal monopod? The Kitvision Evolve has made this an issue of the past because it is ultra-versatile and can adapt to almost any shooting angle and can be used in 3 different ways.

3. Sticker me up!

The Adhesive Mount Set (RRP £9.99) – Whether you’re biking, skydiving, skiing or boating, this pack of four 3M adhesive pads allows you to easily attach your action camera to your helmet, board, boat or other surface. The super-sticky adhesive ensures secure attachment, meaning you don’t have to worry about dropping your camera.

4. Strap it on!

If you don’t want a stuck on mount, then the Head Strap Mount (RRP £9.99) and Chest Mount (£14.99) provide a great alternative, they easily attach to your chest, head, or helmet and are quick to remove when needed.

5. One for the skiers

No need for a selfie stick, you already have two! Not only is the Bike Mount ideal for motocross and cycling, but you can also attach it to your ski pole and capture a range of different angles in front and behind you.

6. When one just isn’t enough!

Double up your action cameras, double up your viewpoints, and double up your creative videos with the Duo Double mount.

The dual mount construction makes it possible to quickly attach it to a bar, whether it be on a bike, a boat, or a rail at a skate park, so that you can have two completely different filming angles going on at the same time.