‘Just say yes to life’ couldn’t be more true!

Kitvision Ambassador Max has been in touch updating us on the beginning of her journey attempting the Appalachian Trail! We can’t wait to hear more. Good luck Max!

We’ve walked 137 miles through amazing forests and camped atop stunning mountains in the middle of the woods, and it has been beautiful every step of the way, but one thing we couldn’t have expected was the absolute and uncompromised warm, southern welcome from everyone we’ve met.

Whether on the trail or in a town, people young and old are walking for their own reasons or volunteering their free time to assist those who are, and it’s a very special community indeed.

There’s a couple carrying a one year old, 19 year old’s doing sections of the trail, 70 year olds thru-hiking the whole thing and there’s an instant solidarity and understanding between every person.

You sit around a fire, on logs, or the floor at the end of a long hike and talk about the day, the views, the pains, the weight of your packs and you are all just friends.

And as for the wonderful people there to help us smelly hikers? Well, they are amazing. They volunteer for free to help maintain the hundreds of miles of trail, offer lifts, leave ‘trail magic’ (unexpected treats) and offer their time to make our dream of completing 2200 miles happen.

The local people in towns who walk past you and congratulate you for doing the trail and offer encouragement are trail angels because it’s as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one. And that congratulations can make a bad day a good one.

If there’s one big lesson I’ve learned so far, it’s that despite all our differences, people are awesome and it is so important to be friendly and as encouraging to everyone you can, because just saying “hi” and “you’re doing great, well done for trying” can make all the difference.

There’s no excuses… whether people complete the hike they set out to do or not, they said yes to trying, and that’s all that matters.