Hello 360 Immersive Video!

Discover 360° photography and discover a new way to record life.

360° photography is here and it’s going to change the way we record not only our holidays, but our everyday lives. The world isn’t flat and one dimensional, so why should our photos and videos be?

Life is in high definition; it’s exciting, real, and raw, and our camera should be too. We want to capture the first attempts, life events, crazy jumps, the fast ski runs, and the fun parties. Now we can, but when we watch these videos back, we can immerse ourselves and truly jump back into that moment. We want to be able to hear the music, feel so close we can almost feel the breeze on our face as we speed down the hill, and smell those fragrant pine trees again.

360° photography removes limitations, and encapsulates even more of life; imagine the future of festivals, Christmas, action sports, and even weddings? We’ll be able to look back at every single moment and never miss a thing. See the Bride as she walks down the aisle and capture the sparkle in the Groom’s eyes. Listen to the best man’s speech again, whilst seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces.

Paired perfectly with 360° photography and video comes the Virtual Reality Headset (VR); the ultimate tool and it could be argued, the modern time machine— it enables us to view our 360° footage from our phones, extending the immersive experience, blocking out the world around us, and taking us right back to those memories.

The downloadable smartphone compatible Apps make this VR experience possible, but even now we can play back and review videos and photos like never before, even without the assistance of a VR Headset. We can interact with our footage and photos on our phone by dragging our finger around the screen to ‘see’ everything just as we did the first time.

This unique action camera provides an opportunity to capture sport like never before. We can attach these 360° camera to surf boards, mount them to helmets and chest mounts, and really add the depth that’s missing and the immersive excitement we crave within action sport video.

Scuba diving will be changed too. Once upon a time you were restricted to your mask, now your camera sees more than even you do. Review your underwater footage when in its waterproof case, and see so much more of your experience when you’re back on the shore.

Photography has just taken a leap forward with 360° capabilities, and it’s only going to keep moving. The exciting question is, where will we go next?

Discover Kitvision’s Immerse 360 in action below, and stay tuned for the next chapter in 360° photography.

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