Calling all Dads to join the Dorset Dad Walk!

One man’s mission to bring dads & kids together on the Jurassic Coast!

Kitvision Ambassador and official ‘Jurassic Dad’ Ben Schofield has set himself an epic challenge: to inspire dads to get outdoors and share more adventures with their children, and to do it more himself too.

So, on Sunday 12th August 2018, Ben has taken on the great task of organising a Dorset Dad Walk on the Jurassic Coast to get fellow adventure-loving dads to set aside some time to get out for an epic ramble.

“I want to gather a group of dads that have a passion for the outdoors to meet up at a location along the Jurassic Coast for a picnic on the beach, swim in the sea, or a walk and allow the dads and kids to explore together!”

In true Kitvision style Ben’s motivation for this event comes from his own experiences and a love of trying new adventures and sharing his passion for the outdoors. His latest adventure has been trying to find a way to balance work, life and family since becoming a first-time dad just over a year ago:

Since becoming a dad, being married and having a proper job, my love and passion for the outdoors has taken a back seat to focus on the now important stuff. I have to now take a different direction so my life can cater for Ruby, my 16-month-old crazy, adventurous daughter.”

Ben knows first-hand the time pressures that parents face when it comes to letting go of work and the never-ending list of commitments to spend time with partners, family and friends. So he’s urging dads to gather the troops for this great event and take the time to explore and have an adventure with other dads and their children.

“I have learned from being a first-time dad that it is very easy to feel lonely. Your partner is giving all her undivided attention and love to our children for feeding and caring for, and it’s also more difficult to make time to see friends and family because everything revolves around your young child.”

Ben worries that more and more children are not spending enough time outdoors, which forms part of his determination to organise this event. Ben wants to help dads find their way back outside again, as well as to help their children discover their own love of the outdoors, like walking, swimming, and playing on the beach.

It’s very easy to stick children in front of a computer screen, phone or tablet. Luckily for me Ruby is at that age where she just loves being out in the back garden in her pyjamas, in her nappy or in her best dress: the mud.

A walk with dads and children will allow them to talk, share dad stories and just enjoy being outdoors on the beautiful Dorset Coastline. We will also have experienced Coastal and Countryside guides joining us from the guys over at Land and Wave Outdoors, to help supply guided support and first aid.”

If you need any more motivation to attend such a great event, Ben has even organised awesome goodie bags and freebies to get your hands on with products from us at Kitvision, as well as Dorset Tea, Osprey, Aquapac and Decathlon UK. So be sure to get there nice and early!

Follow Ben’s Facebook Page The Dorset Dad Walk to find out more or to ask any questions you have about the day. Dads and kids are meeting at 10.30am for an 11:00am start in Worth Matravers. More details will be given closer to the event on the Facebook page.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re a dad and have friends who are dads and they have friends who are dads and you all love walking, playing and general awesome-outdooring, share the news and get the 12th August in your calendar. It’s time to make time to get out and find adventure!