Your bank holiday essentials

Banks holidays mean only one thing, less work and more play! But every bank holiday is different, no matter whether home is your base or escaping the everyday is your priority, and every kind of bank holiday requires the right essentials to make a good break into an epic one. Here are your top bank holiday essentials to make every adventure, big or small, unforgettable. Go capture every journey!

If home is your basecamp…

If bank holiday traffic and long drives to distant climes isn’t sounding like a great idea, your home will be the perfect HQ for some mini family adventures and day trips. It’s a great opportunity to get out and explore all things new. Find new walks, visit new towns, and go to new places to picnic and play. You can’t go wrong with these essentials:

The list

Planning is the key to a successfully jam-packed bank holiday. So, make a definitive list of places near home that you’ve never been to: towns, museums, castles, beaches or zoos, then put them in the calendar. And if it’s ticketed be sure to book ahead so you don’t miss out on the day, plus lots of places offer pre-booking or booking online discounts.

A good backpack

Every day out or family adventure requires a hardy backpack and some sustenance. Fill it with snacks, a picnic blanket and anything that will encourage a little spontaneity, so you can stay out as late as your adventure wants you to. Grab spare socks in case things get muddy and the swim suits in case you find waves to jump in.

A Venture 720p Action Camera

Think best of classic home video but forget the heavy, awkward camcorder because if you’ve not discovered already, there’s a new kid on the block and it’s not just for adrenalin-enthusiasts. The Venture 720p is lightweight, waterproof (in its little box) and fits in your pocket. So, when you’re jumping in the waves you can capture the laughter, if you need a family selfie it’s easy to use the self-timer to freeze the best moments and if you drop it in the mud it’s no disaster. And you’ll have a homemade family video to cherish forever.

If you’re seeking adventure…

If a bank holiday means experience-collecting and you love biking down country roads, jumping in lakes and summitting mountains, then hit the road and go do what you do best. We know you can already feel the mud on your face, taste the salty sea and feel the wind in your hair! You’re definitely going to need these:

A Venture 4K,

The ultimate experience-collector’s companion, the Venture 4K with 16 megapixel photo mode, 1.8 inch touch screen and 170° ultra-wide angle lens will be at hand (or on your chest, helmet, board or bonnet) when you need it – just mount and go. It’s small and robust, and tough enough to take a hit or a bumpy ride so you can do what you do best without missing a moment. Then, relive the action again later, just as you experienced it, in high definition.

All the gear

If it fits in the car (or on the car) take it. We’re talking bikes, surf boards, longboards, wetsuits, and the hiking boots, so you can say “yes” to any adventure that comes your way. And don’t forget to pack all the Venture 4K’s included mounts and accessories to capture your best POV moments!

The kitchen sink

Ok, not exactly the kitchen sink, but whether you’re camping, Air B&B’ing, hostelling or couch surfing, a cooler box and a camping stove are essential for any adrenalin-fuelled adventure. After a surf, paddle, ride or summit, it’s awesome to warm up with a hot cup of…anything! Plus, it gives you the freedom to dine in all the best places; rustle up a hearty dinner on a cliff top, lunch beside a beautiful lake or tuck into breakfast butties on the beach.