Two Pints Brave competition

We’re running a brand new competition to win a Kitvision Immerse 360 Duo Action Camera with an epic Two Pints Brave t-shirt!

We caught up with the guys behind Two Pints Brave, Jim and Steve to find out more about their brand and their motto ‘working hard to play harder’, check it out below.

Two Pints Brave started in March 2016 when two New Forest best mates wanted to create a lifestyle clothing company to represent their love of getting outside, scaring themselves and generally blowing away the ups and downs of the weekly grind; and just having a blast with friends. We still live and work down this neck of the woods running our little company between the day jobs.

We are mountain bikers on the most part who make a habit of scaring ourselves as often as possible, but we are quite happy messing about with pretty much any adventure that can inspire adrenaline. Steve adds skiing and BMX racing to the list of favourites, whilst Jim’s also out climbing and on his SUP. We’ve each raced at various disciplines and levels, we still do from time to time, but insist it’s just for the fun now… of course if a little silverware comes our way we aren’t complaining!

The aim was to create a company based around a desire to make the most of your free time knowing you’ve bust a gut through the week to get there and fund it. We’re ‘working hard to play harder’ – an idea hatched one night after a ride whilst grabbing a couple of beers and telling (slightly exaggerated) stories.

In the 18 months this little company has grown some solid connections with some inspiring people leading the charge in adrenaline sports. We’ve also built some fantastic relationships with like-minded local companies.

We are supporting the ‘Team Mind’ BMX race team right now who are an awesome bunch bringing up the younger recruits with inspiring older guys from the original days of BMX still going at it for a great charity. This lot have riders from 5 years old to 50+ years. We are also supporting some great MTB riders who are all over the scene in 4 x and trail riding.

We have the Two Pints Brave October road trip coming up in a few weeks time. We get a great bunch of people together and head over to Wales for the weekend to get some time in on the bikes. This trip is an opportunity to catch up with some distant friends, hit some great trails and have a real blast. Of course we need the basics with burly bikes, helmets, jerseys, body armour (hopefully not used too often, but there are no guarantees) loading up the vans. But a big part of the purpose of the trip is creating, documenting and sharing memories. For this we put the Kitvision cameras to use. Their ease of set up, versatility and quality of footage make them perfect for our needs. Finally, we always end up in the pub for multiple pints of liquid refreshment while chatting through the antics of the day.

We will keep going with the high quality lifestyle clothing to wear after your adventure, growing the range as we go. We’re not bike specific, we want to be there with everyone and in every pursuit that brings adrenaline and adventure because regardless of what you do, we’re all out there for the same reasons and we’ve all earned it.

The near future will bring our first line of technical clothing to wear during sport. Keep an eye out for the launch of this.


Give us a follow on our social channels @twopintsbrave and check out our online store and be sure to share your photos using #twopintsbrave

Stay rad!

Jim and Steve

Two Pints Brave

So, to win a Kitvision Immerse 360 Duo Action Camera and Two Pints Brave Fist Bump T-shirt, just head over to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to enter! Competition closes on Monday 25/09/17. Good luck! X