Summer road trip essentials blog

A summer road trip means freedom, to play, listen, relax and make memories. So, no matter where your summer road trip takes you, ensure you have the essentials with you to enjoy every moment without a care in the world. So, whether you’re making your way to Glastonbury festival, driving all the way to Scotland for some outdoor adventures or zipping to Brighton for a fun-filled weekend – remember to take the ultimate Kitvision road trip essentials.

Road-tripping to… The coast, the country or the middle of nowhere!

You’ll need everything that makes it an adventure. All the toys, boards, bindings and boots you can fit in the car or van, a tent for spontaneous camping, a spare gas for extra cups of tea, not to mention a playlist that matches the mood and a way of documenting it all.

The Venture 4K Action Camera is small and robust and has been built for the outdoors; keep it in your pocket, mounted to your chest or on your selfie stick and document the whole experience in native 4k resolution and snap impressive 16 megapixel photos.

To catch every POV shot, you’ll want to take a few mounts and accessories with you. Try the Kitvision Action Camera Helmet Mount or if jumping in the sea sounds more like you, grab a Buoy – Floating Grip so you don’t risk losing your action camera in the waves.

Road-tripping to… New cities and quaint countryside B&Bs

If it’s going to be a summer of city breaks and weekend getaways, you know not to drive anywhere without the essentials, and by that we mean a playlist of chilled tunes, a memory full of childhood car games and a bag of Werther’s Originals, but have you considered a dashboard camera?

It can be a daunting experience driving through cities or on new roads but Kitvision’s Observer 1080p Dashboard Camera will provide that peace of mind you need when you’re exploring somewhere new, so you know if anything does happen, you will have an independent witness on board to back you up.

Rest assured that the Observer will record every journey from the moment the ignition is turned on with built-in Auto start technology, whilst it will also detect and record any collision with its clever G-Sensor. Not to mention that having a dashcam can also save you money on insurance premiums, save you time on insurance claims and protect your no claims bonus. Find out more.

Road-tripping to… Any and every festival you can get tickets to!

Glow sticks? Check. Your favourite tie-dye t-shirt? Check. A pop-up tent? Check. But how will you record all the fun? Your smartphone can’t get broken (again).

It’s time to discover the Venture 1080p action camera, built for life, it can handle a bit of mud, lots of jumping around and endless selfies plus it’s waterproof in its case – unlike your smartphone.

Compact enough to keep in a pocket, you’ll always be ready to capture the moment and mix things up with multiple shooting modes. Then, play back the best bits on the 2” inch LCD display and share your best selfies wirelessly to your smartphone so you can keep the ‘gram’ up-to-date whilst you keep track of which stage you’re supposed to be at.

Road-tripping… Close to home

If summer calls for day trips, weekends away and visits to see friends and family, then you’ll need the ever-essential Kitvision Observer 720p Dashboard Camera. The perfect driving companion whether you’re going shopping or visiting nan. This is peace of mind that you’ll be relieved to have in the case of an accident. It can provide the footage you need as evidence of fault for a smooth and stress-free insurance claim.

Okay, the Observer dashcam may seem like the most exciting summer essential, but pair it with your favourite summer soundtrack, a few of your besties and plenty of mini road trips and you have a sensible choice turned smartest decision you’ve ever made.

Why leave it to chance? Get a dashcam, drive with peace of mind and have an impartial witness with you for every journey, and save time and money – it’s a win-win.