The Pilgrim Bandits’ Expedition In Greenland

Who are the Pilgrim Bandits?

The Pilgrim Bandits charity exists to ‘help and inspire wounded soldiers to live life to the full’ and their mantra ‘Always a Little Further’ is at the heart of their ethos and it says it all.

Formed in 2007 by Special Forces veterans, they aim to use their experience to help equip injured servicemen and women with the confidence to live life to the full, as well as to ‘inspire and encourage’ amputees of all ages.

They ‘don’t do sympathy’ and they don’t encourage people to see them as a charity but instead as a ‘charitable force’ that offers support and one that needs support in order to continue not only changing lives, but teaching people how to embrace life again.

The Pilgrim Bandits push limits and say yes to facing seemingly impossible mental and physical challenges, accomplishing expeditions, races, treks, and feats they would not have imagined, which in turn helps to rebuild self-belief and self-confidence.

The Pilgrim Bandits’ expedition across Arctic waters

One of their most recent endeavours took place between August 6th and September 11th 2016, which saw them tackling the immense cold of Greenland; crossing frozen waters of the Arctic in kayaks ‘amid icebergs and glacier fronts’ on a ‘gruelling two week expedition’, where amputees and able bodied came together for an epic challenge of the mind and body.

Members and volunteers from all over the UK came together to complete this expedition which demanded a lot of physical and mental strength, emphasising the importance of preparation, which is why the amputees of the team ‘completed comprehensive training’ specifically for the expedition, which saw ‘three of them go on to achieve Level 1 Coaching qualifications with the BCU in Kayaking’ funded by the Pilgrim Bandits.

Check out the video from their Greenland expedition here, filmed using a Kitvision Escape 4KW Action Camera.