Meet the 2019 Kitvision ambassadors

Our ambassadors don’t just capture amazing action on camera, they live and breathe adventure. Every one of them pushes life to the edge and says “yes” to new challenges, inspiring those around them with their unabated need to capture life as it should be enjoyed.

After an amazing 2018 full of footage from around the world, we are really pumped about introducing our 2019 Kitvision ambassadors. New faces have joined us, all with their own unique take on how to embrace life and on which sports give them the “rush”.

So who’s representing Kitvision in 2019?

Becky Rendell, 27 – Running, rock climbing, and gymnastics

Most of our ambassadors have regular jobs as well as breaking the mould in their spare time. But you still might be surprised to know that Becky Rendell, our first ambassador of 2019, is also a university lecturer of Physiology in Sport Science. At least when she isn’t tearing up an obstacle course or competing in a trail race!

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Ben Schofield, 28 – Body surfer and general outdoor enthusiast

Ben believes he belongs in the water, and is obsessed with trying to get others to join him. Ambassador to multiple brands including Slyde Handboards and Dafin, Ben has been into water sports for 6 years. But Ben’s biggest achievement was actually on land, when he longboarded from London to Paris for charity.

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Carly Warr, 33 – Mountain biking

After making the transition to a full suspension bike in 2016, Carly is now hooked on the rush of downhill biking. Inspired by fellow bikers, Carly wants nothing more than to inspire others herself to try more two-wheeled challenges. Carly also completed the 3330 metre high Megavalanche race in 2017. And yes, it’s as insane as it sounds!

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Jim Hart, 36 – Mountain bike and BMX racing, paddle boarding, and surfing

Jim has a wealth of experience riding and started competing in his early teens in both local and national Downhill and Four Cross events. Jim is also lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys boarding, as well as a network of friends who like to take life to the edge at weekends. One of his biggest inspirations is fellow Kitvision ambassador Rob Webb!

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Max Erasmus, 28 – Extreme hiker

No distance is too far for Max, nor any mountain too high. Although she claims to be just a normal person, Max has never allowed being born with the use of only one arm to stand in the way of her next adventure or what she wants to do. Her biggest hiking achievement to date? Completing the epic Appalachian Trail in 2017. Only 2,189 miles, nothing really!

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Rob Webb, 28 – Mountain biking

Cycle mechanic by trade, Rob is massively obsessed with bikes and has been riding for over 13 years. Sponsored by big brands including ourselves (of course!), Primera Sports and Endura Clothing, Rob is a people person, constantly inspired by other enthusiasts. Rob loves nothing more than meeting amazing people from all around the MTB world!

Meet MTB-mad Rob Webb!

Steve Bates, 36 – Boxing and martial arts

Steve does more than just inspire others, he trains them. From beginners just starting out, to top pros looking to find that edge, Steve enjoys working with boxers and martial artists on their pad work routine and taking them to the next level. Great to see a boxer in our ambassador list for 2019, and we look forward to some exciting footage from the gym!

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Yiannis Christodoulou, 35 – Aquathlete and triathlete

Yiannis is a sporting star. Despite having not been able to swim as recently as 2012, he is now the GB Aquathlon Team Captain and is currently the 2018 National Aquathlon Champion in his age group. With plans to move into triathlons this year, Yiannis is always looking to push himself to the limit and continues to inspire others to take up new sports.

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