Make the most of your summer 2017!

Spring is here, the sun has returned, and we’ve already unboxed our summer clothes in preparation, so it’s the perfect time to start thinking about activities, and making plans! Those long summer days will just disappear before we know it, and before we’ve made the most of every ray of sunshine!

At Kitvision we’re thinking about the races we’re going to sign up for, the activities we’re going to try, the classes we’re going to do, and we’re dusting off of the boards we’ll be taking to the beach. So what are you going to plan to make your summer of 2017 awesome?

Wacky races!

Spring is a great time of the year to set yourself fitness goals, so why not sign up for a race?

Whether you’re already a fitness fanatic but have never taken part in a race or you’re new to the world completely, there are many options to choose from: fun runs, charity runs, and obstacle-based races, as well as triathlons for all levels of fitness. Don’t let all the possibilities intimidate you. Let it motivate you, pick one that suits you, get some friends involved, and above all, don’t be unrealistic. Start with a 5K race, set your personal best, and then plan the next one.

Top tip! If signing up to a race sounds a bit scary for you right now, why not start with Park Runs? They’re free community runs that take place across the UK at 9am every Saturday morning. They’re not overly competitive but they are timed, so you can start out walk-running, gradually build up your fitness, and always have your last time to aim for and beat. Park Runs can give you greater motivation and can be comforting because you can run with people at a similar fitness level to you – not to mention it’s a great opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded people. Find a Park Run near you.

 Book a board

Always wanted to try surfing, bodyboarding or paddleboarding? Well, now is the time to do it!

Just say yes and go give it a try. Find a surf school near you, book a board and a wetsuit for an hour, and see how you go. Just have fun, take it out into the water and just become more comfortable with it. What’s the worst that can happen? So maybe you won’t like it. Then at least you know and you gave it a go.

Why not make it a group activity? Get a bunch of friends together to try something new. Trying activities with friends can be a less daunting and a more fun way to learn, and if nothing else, will provide a few more hilarious stories to talk about in the pub after!

If you’re worried about sharing the instructor, and feel you’d be better one-on-one, then book a private lesson and rest assured that you have the undivided attention of a professional. Remember they have taught all ages, sizes, and abilities so don’t worry about what you look like in a wetsuit, or whether you’ll be able to stand up. The most important thing is just saying yes and having fun whilst giving it a go!

Choose a spot and camp!

Talked about going camping year after year for what feels like forever? 2017 is your year!

Most people have tents somewhere in their garage or loft, so ask everyone you know to borrow one, or pick up a second-hand one from Gumtree. If not, spring is a good time to look for pre-summer deals online. Other than that, deck chairs, and a sleeping bag, and you’re ready to go!

Keep it simple! Camping doesn’t need to be overcomplicated. Most campsites have all the facilities that you need: shower blocks, sinks, toilets, laundry, and even bbqs and kitchens! So whether you plan to cook, or just order in, you don’t need to spend hundreds in the outdoor shop on cookers, gas, and gear. The most important thing is to get out, enjoy nature, some fresh air, and the wonderful simplicity of leaving everything but the surfboards, hiking boots, and bikes at home.

You can be a Yogi too!

Have you ever wondered about Yoga? But don’t know enough about it and haven’t had the confidence to book your first class? Don’t worry, why don’t you try a couple of short online sessions first?

YouTube is jam-packed with Yoga videos for beginners. They’re free, you can get to know some of the basic moves, improve your strength and flexibility, and get a feel of what a class might be like. So when you do feel confident enough to book a class, you’ll be prepared and know just what to expect.

Why Yoga? Yoga is a fantastic practice for overall full body strengthening, fitness, and conditioning, not to mention keeping you limber and more flexible, and promoting better sleep and mindfulness.

Cardio fans can benefit from regular sessions to stretch tight, overused muscles, whilst those totally new to it can try all types of practice and work out which best suits them. Yoga style Hatha focuses on breathing and holding poses, whereas Vinyasa gets you moving, linking the movement with the breath, to all other forms including Iyengar and Ashtanga. There’s even Bikram, a hot style of Yoga which has seen a popularity boost in recent years, especially beneficial for those seeking to greater improve flexibility and fitness.