Make it a HD Father’s Day to remember

By now you know he has no holey socks and smells great, isn’t it about time you got him the gift that says, “I know you”? Put down the Old Spice and pick up a Kitvision camera because this Father’s Day is for your dad; for the dad who never passes on a challenge, for the dad who spends Sunday washing the car, for the dad who knows his tech better than you and for the dad that can’t resist a selfie.

For the dad that loves a challenge – The Venture 4K

If he’s always the first in the sea, on the slope or down the slide, then he needs the Venture 4K, small and mighty, it will be by his side for every daring feat even if you aren’t. The included accessories and mounts make it easy for him to record every jump, run or ride, he can snap 16 megapixel photos when he needs to freeze the action and you’ll be delighted to learn that he’ll also be able to share it all wirelessly to his smartphone through the Venture’s built-in Wi-Fi – get ready to be spammed!

For the dad who spends Sunday washing the car – The Observer 1080p

No one else understands his unique love of washing the car, but you know it is his meditation, his time to ponder and yes, it may just mean that he loves his car more than anything else, but you also know that he will love the gift of an Observer 1080p Dashboard Camera.

Motion detection and parking mode will keep an eye on the car when he’s not there to polish it, detecting and recording any bumps or collisions with the built-in G-Sensor and providing evidence even if there are no witnesses. Whilst the 1080p HD recording will capture his every journey, so he can enjoy peace of mind whether he’s commuting or taking a Sunday drive.

For dad who knows his tech better than you – The Observer 1080p with GPS and Wi-Fi

If he loves tech, he will love installing his new Observer 1080p Dashboard Camera with GPS and Wi-Fi. But be warned if you give him this dashcam, you may not see him for days. He’ll want to install it and get out on the open road just so he can get back to watch it all again in HD.

He will love having an independent witness with him for every journey; with speed overlay, location tracking and journey mapping giving him back-up should he never need it. Built-in Wi-Fi also means he can share his footage easily to his smartphone, so in the case of an accident, its quick and easy to upload his evidence to a police portal or send it in an email.

For the dad turned director on every holiday – The Venture 1080p

If he’s never without a camera in hand on holiday, swap it for the Venture 1080p action camera, because this one can do it all. Take 12 megapixel photos, capture all the action through the 140° wide angle lens and let Dad loose with multiple shooting options, including Burst Photo, Timed Shooting and Time Lapse.

This is the ultimate compact camera for any and every holiday, with a waterproof case that will venture to 30 metres, he can leave the SLR or smartphone at home and keep the Venture 1080p close by. Whether you hire bikes, ride jet skis, hike up a mountain, or tackle the white water, you can mount, go and capture it all and watch it back in glorious HD video.

For the dad who makes sensible smart – The Observer 720p

Dash cams are getting more and more popular, designed for those that want to make sure they have it all on film if there is an accident. Dash cams are not just a great idea to capture evidence, but it can also protect no claims discounts and reduce insurance. He will be proud you have bought such a smart gift!

He will find the Observer 720p has loads of extras for him to sink his teeth into as well. The Observer 720p comes with auto-start, HD footage for day and night, plus clever features such as motion and collision detection.

For dads who can’t resist a selfie – The Venture 720p

If he’s jumped on the selfie bandwagon and you can’t get him off, then it’s time to embrace it rather than fight it. Give him the gift of a Venture 720p Action Camera so he can pop it in his pocket or throw it in his backpack for every day trip, holiday or weekend away. In fact, you really ought to wrap up a Kitvision selfie stick for him too.

The Venture 720p is small and compact and perfect for spontaneous family selfies, with an impressive 2” LCD display so you can view them all back, multiple shooting modes to make filming and photographing even easier and a waterproof case that means he can record all the memories rain or shine.