How to fit a Dash Cam

Dashboard cameras are ever-growing in popularity. They provide peace of mind, back-up in case of a collision, security when you’re away from your car and they’ll capture every journey. But how exactly do you fit it in your car?

Your helpful little Dashboard Camera may be complex in build but installing and using it is easy. So, here’s a 6-step guide to get your Observer Dashboard Camera from box to windscreen and recording in no time.

Step 1 – Insert micro SD card

The Observer Dashboard Camera doesn’t have an internal memory, so you will need to insert a Micro SD card up to 32 GB (not included) into the camera’s Micro SD card input slot before you can use it.

Step 2 – Apply the suction mount to your windscreen

Secure the suction mount somewhere that will not obstruct your view but will ensure that the camera has a clear view of the road in front.

(Note: Unlike a smartphone or sat nav holder, you cannot simply mount it anywhere on your windscreen and drive. Failing to correctly position your dashboard camera is a serious traffic offence and if it is deemed to have been obstructing your view any footage would be rendered inadmissible. Best practice to is to securely fix your dashcam behind your rear-view mirror, out of your line of sight to ensure it doesn’t obstruct your view and that way it will clearly capture both lanes of the road ahead.)

To secure the camera’s suction mount to the windscreen, pull the lever on the mount downwards to release the tension in the mount. Position the mount onto the windscreen in the desired location, and then pull the lever upwards and push to secure the mount into place.

Step 3 – Attaching the Dashboard Camera to the suction mount

It’s quick and easy to attach and remove the Dashboard Camera to the suction mount. Just align the rectangular locking mechanism on the suction mount with the suction mount socket on the camera and slide the camera to the side to lock into place.

Step 4 – Plug in adaptor and charge cable or use your car’s USB port

Your Observer Dashboard Camera comes with everything you need to connect and charge. You can either use your car’s built-in USB port or the included in-car charge adaptor plugged into the car’s 12 V/24 V cigarette lighter, to power the Observer Dashboard Camera.

Step 5 – Route the cable into a safe and secure position

The last thing you need is a cable getting in your way whilst you drive, so be sure to tuck the Dashboard Camera’s USB charge cable safely away. Guide the cable around the edge of your windscreen, tucking it in as you go. Lead it down the edge of the window, down to the bottom of the door, then across, under the front panelling or glove compartment or under the mat in the footwell until the cable reaches the charger or USB port. You can use small pieces of electrical tape or self-adhesive cable slips (not included) to secure the cable into place.

Step 6 – Connect the USB charge cable to the Observer & go!

Now that your Dashboard Camera is mounted to your windscreen with its suction mount, you have a power source and the cable is securely and safely routed away, you’re ready to go.

Plug the USB cable into the Observer and drive, your Dashboard Camera will automatically turn on and start recording.

(Note: In some vehicles, if the car is running when you plug the camera in, it may not start. You will need to turn off the car ignition and turn it back on again to start the camera or start the camera manually by pressing the camera’s power button.)