5 reasons why you need a dash cam

The awareness and popularity of dash cams is rising, with more and more people seeing the benefits of installing one in their vehicle. In a nutshell, a dash cam is an in-car system that records both visual  and audio footage of your journey.

Sounds good, but why would you need one? Here’s five great reasons you might want to consider grabbing a dash cam from our new Observer range.

1. In case you are in an accident

This is the main reason people get a dash cam. To have that peace of mind every day is so valuable for commuters, or those that takes long journeys on a regular basis. Driving instructors could also really benefit from having a record of their journey, in case one of their students has a bump while driving.

With easy to use mount and installation, HD night and day recording, a wide angle lens, LCD or touchscreen display, and a host of other features, you can drive reassured with one of our Observer Dash Cams.

2. So you have all the evidence

Our Observer Dash Cameras don’t just record footage, they also have clever features to help you prove what happened in an accident. Not only will you have collision detection with a built-in G-Sensor, you can also take advantage of the photo mode, to snap close-ups of any damage. The footage could also be used to prove you were a victim of ‘crash for cash’ fraud.

3. In case you are not there

Our Observer Dash Cams come with a very useful parking mode feature. This starts recording, regardless of whether you’re in the car, when the camera senses an impact of any kind. What this means is that if someone clips your wing mirror or knocks your car, you will have a better chance of knowing who was responsible for the damage.

4. To reduce your insurance

Many insurance companies now accept dash cam evidence when there is an accident, which means you can protect your no claims by submitting footage that will prove responsibility. Some insurance companies may also offer discounts on premiums if you have an Observer Dash Cam installed. Dash cams can also help deter thieves from breaking into your car.

5. So you can find your way

If you pick up an Observer 1080p with GPS and Wi-fi, then you can not only drive with peace of mind, you will also have built-in GPS. This can help guide your way and deliver important information, and even help breakdown services locate your position. Also includes HD recording, speed overlay, location tracking, and journey mapping.