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Evolve Folding Pole with Tripod

RRP: £44.99

Introducing the Kitvision Evolve Folding Pole with Tripod

Tired of not being able to achieve the right shooting angle with a normal monopod? Thanks to product evolution, the Kitvision Evolve has made this an issue of the past. Combining the best of a traditional tripod with an extension pole.

The Kitvision Evolve Folding Pole with Tripod is ultra-versatile and can adapt to almost any shooting angle and can be used in 3 different ways: an extension arm, short grip, or tripod. The folding arm can be positioned in a variety of positions to allow you to achieve the perfect shooting style, whether it’s capturing a video of yourself or inverting the arm to create a low shooting effect when recording friends at the skate park. By detaching the folding arms you can create a short camera grip for a sturdier hold, and hidden inside the handle is a miniature tripod which can be screwed into the base of the Evolve Extension Pole to create a large tripod, or removed and attached directly to your action camera.

The Evolve Folding Pole with Tripod is compatible with Kitvision action cameras and many other well-known brands.


Extended Length: 508 mm
Folded Length: 190 mm
Weight: 205 g
Max Camera Weight: 500 g

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